Безкоштовний воркшоп для фотографів 30 липня-4 серпня у Києві (англ)

Search for participants for photo workshop on the topic “Civil Disobedience” in Kiev from 30th of July to 4th of August 2014

What does a blade of grass have in common with protest? Where is the border between private and public area? And when do we disobey them? We are interested in your answers to these questions which cope with civil commitment in the public sphere! And because the eyes see more than language can capture, we want to give you the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer how to express your thoughts through pictures. Therefore we offer a a five-day photo workshop, that will take part in Kiev headed by the German photographer and performance artist Carsten Lisecki.

For this bi-national project we are looking for participants from Germany and Ukraine. Our workshop should only be an encouragement for your own creativity and give you the opportunity to talk about current topics with other young people, as well as learn some basics about documentary photography. The aim of our project is a photo exhibition with your pictures in Berlin.

The pictures should be taken in your particular home countries on the topic of “Civil Disobedience”.

What we offer:
• a professional introduction into documentary photography
• presentation of your pictures at a public exhibition in Berlin
• inter-cultural exchange with young people from Ukraine and Germany
• the opportunity to express yourself through pictures
• social framework program: visit of the german ambassy, gallery, german/ukrainian evening with traditional food and language exchange, discussions about current topics

Participation is free of charge! Please bring a camera, which type does not matter! The workshop will be conducted in English. So if you would like to take part at the workshop, write us an e-mail to the following address with some words about yourself and your motivation: project.perspektivy@gmail.com

Deadline for application is 30th of June 2014. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! Hope to see you soon!

Project group “PERSPEKTIVY” of the Free University Berlin

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